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NCCETC & 100 Best Fleets: Maintaining Fleet Safety & Service Levels During Covid-19 Highlights


Worried about your ability to keep your fleet going in these uncertain times? Did you miss the Clean Tech Center & 100 Best Fleets webinar today? We've provided the following highlights to ensure you can keep your fleet going.

The webinar included 4 speakers: Robert Gordon of Cobb County, GA; Jerry Drake of Tucson Fire Maintenance, AZ; Rick Longobart of Longobart Ross Full Fleet Solutions; and Robert Martinez of NYC Police Department, NY.

Best practice highlights included the following: 

  • Upping sanitation of facilities and vehicles, whether client or own fleet vehicles, especially high-use areas in facilities and frequently touched areas in vehicles. 
  • Determining priority fleet customers or essential services that must continue to function (such as sanitation, emergency services, highest priority fleet vehicle, etc.)
  • Determining what can be done from home/remotely (such as administration, payroll, finance, etc.)
  • Be adaptable
  • Keep a constant tally of who is showing up for work/attendance and what their skill sets are
  • Setting up contingency processes if not already in use
  • Practicing staff loss ahead of time (understanding how to work without key staff, such as technicians, some leadership, etc.)
  • Rotate amount of people on shifts if possible and where they congregate-sanitize these areas often
  • If vehicle has held an infected person, replace cabin air filters when sanitizing the vehicle. When possible, park the vehicle for several days. 
  • Whenever a person, whether that be a client, third party vendor, or tech enters or leaves a vehicle, be sure to clean when entering and exiting. Ensure vendors are following similar policies to your own fleet so that you receive your vehicle, it is clean similar to when you dropped it off/left it to be serviced. 
  • Stock up on cleaning solution (or make your own!), gloves, and other items necessary to cleanse your vehicles when possible. 


Have more questions? Please see the presentations linked here. A recording of the webinar is available here

The contact information for each of the speakers is also listed in the presentation linked above, so feel free to contact them to ask questions or share best practice tips! Stay well from the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition!

Additional resources on COVID 19 from the Clean Energy Technology Center: 

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