All 50 States, DC, and Puerto Rico Have Submitted Plans for National Electric Vehicle Charging Network

EV infrastructure deployment plans have, as required under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, been submitted by all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico by the August 1, 2022, deadline. The plans, established and funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, are required in order to unlock the first round of the $5 billion in infrastructure deployment investments. Available over 5 years, NEVI will help accelerate the important work of building out the national EV charging network and making electric vehicle charging accessible to all Americans. The Joint Office and FHWA (Federal Highways Administration) will review the plans and continue to work with states, with the goal of approving plans by September 30th. The on-time submission by all participants demonstrates the widespread commitment to build out EV charging infrastructure to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, create jobs, and reduce our contributions to climate change. With each approved plan, state departments of transportation receive the “green light” to deploy EV charging infrastructure focused initially along designated alternative fuel corridors.  

The N.C. Department of Transportation statewide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment plan submittal sets forth a “roadmap” for the development of the state’s public electric charging network. In addition to outlining North Carolina’s Plan, Vision, and Goals for the use of its NEVI program funding, this document also incorporates the North Carolina Clean Transportation Plan, a requirement of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 246. Read more about the plans by navigating to the full PDF on the right.  

Learn more about NEVI Formula Funding here.

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Where will this funding apply in our region?

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