Looking for more information on specific alternative fuels to see which fuel is right for your use case? Please click each fueling nozzle image below to access more information and resources. Still not sure which fuel is right for your fleet? Let the CCFC walk with you through your duty cycle and use case for your fleet and see which fuel will be the best decision for your fleet. As a fuel and technology neutral entity, the CCFC is most concerned about ensuring you are achieving your fleet goals while keeping costs and maintenance low.


Energy Efficient Mobility Systems (EEMS)

EEMS aims to improve transportation energy efficiency through low-cost, secure, and clean energy technologies. Through knowledge, tools, insights and technology solutions, EEMS can increase mobility energy productivity for individuals and businesses. Centralina has initiated several EEMS projects, most recently the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Workshops and Taskforce, with a final product of a Road Map that will be updated in 2021; a pilot project to try out electric vehicle charging for multi-family dwellings on light poles; and work continues on the CONNECT Beyond regional mobility initiative to integrate service providers, territories, and technology to ensure a seamless trip around the region; among others.

Idle Reduction

Are you an educator looking for environment resources, or a business sustainability manager wanting to understand how idle reduction can benefit your organization? If so, Clean Cities has the resources for you. Please visit the link below to access a "Toolkit for Idle Reduction Education and Outreach" on the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities website.

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

For over three years, Centralina has led discussions and facilitated the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Taskforce for the greater Charlotte region. This group is designed to guide communities on how to prepare for this new technology through near and long-term priority actions. Out of this conversation came the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Roadmap. Download it below.


Experience some of the resources available to you below. For more calculators and resources, please visit the DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center and fueleconomy.gov 


Track your fleet’s emissions


Find Alternative Fueling Stations on the map near you


Compare all classes of alt fuel vehicles


Search Laws & Incentives


Find Vehicle Cost Comparisons


Analyze alt fuel vehicle densities and locations of infrastructure and production facilities


Estimate a city/state’s need for charging infrastructure & its effect on the electric grid


Understand the costs and benefits of EVs by location