Electrification 2022-International Conference & Exposition

Event Date:
Start at 11:00 AM
March 14, 2022 - March 17, 2022

Make your plans now to join us at the Electric Power Research Institute‘s Electrification 2022 International Conference and Exposition before prices increase on November 1st. 

This event will provide a comprehensive exploration of efficient, equitable solutions for a low-carbon power sector and net-zero economy, with a content-rich agenda featuring seven diverse tracks: 

  • 50% EVs by 2030? Let’s Get to It!
  • Heavy Metal: Electrification of Trucks, Buses and Everything Else
  • Building to Zero: Practical Decarbonization Approaches
  • New Frontiers in Industrial Electrification
  • Legislative Landscape: The Role of Policy and Regulation
  • The Business Case: Solving for Affordability
  • Our Road Ahead: Innovations for an Electrified Future

By attending Electrification 2022, you’ll get the big picture on decarbonizing society today and tomorrow-and stay at the forefront of the industry with opportunities for education and collaboration to help you advance your organization’s initiatives. 

Join us in Charlotte!

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