Medium & Heavy Duty EV Data Collection Project

Event Date:
Start at 1:00 PM
June 22, 2022

Hosted by Drive Clean Colorado partnered with CALSTART, this free webinar on June 22nd features a review and summary of the data collection project aimed to address the nationally anticipated growth of electrified transportation, specifically the electrification of medium and heavy duty vehicles. The CALSTART data collection project team is collecting real-world data from a diverse set of plug-in vehicles across different applications, geographies, terrains, and climate conditions. 

The discussion will include fleet participants Start Bus and RFTA along with other project partners including Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities and will address how these projects have huge potential to impact widespread EV planning. By analyzing the performance of EVs in different climates, topographies, altitudes, and fleet applications, we can learn much about EV battery performance, efficiency, and energy use. 

Review the CALSTART data collection project here.

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